Orly - Perfect Pair Matching Lacquer + Gel FX Duo Kit

Professional Nail Lacquer

ORLY polishes are power packed with pigment for two coat coverage every time. ORLY comes with an Iconic ORLY bottle, professional formula and 20% more product than competition.

ORLY is Free from Harmful Ingredients – 12 FREE

Orly is free from DBA, Toulene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and more.

The Gripper Cap & Genius Brush

Patented Gripper Cap: Sleek ergonomic design, same great soft grip! ORLY’s patented Gripper Cap continues to be the professional choice for easy opening and precision performance.
New 600 Bristle Genius Brush: 600 bristle brush delivers precise, easy application with a new shape that fans out to fit the cuticle. Delivering a smooth, even, beautiful finish every time.

GELFX – 12 FREE Professional Gel Manicure System

GELFX is no ordinary gel manicure system. Our 3-in-1 Cleanser, Primer, and Basecoats are power-packed with a Vitamin-Infusion. This revolutionary formula nourishes nails with feel-good ingredients for durability, strength, and shine.

Perfect Pair Matching Lacquer & GELFX Duo Kit

Finding your Perfect Pair just got easier! World-Wide Best-Selling Duo Kit. Available in 96+ shades for flawless manicure and pedicures.

Corlita Pedicure Spa

Corlita Pedicure Spa

The Corlita is a stylish fiberglass pedicure spa that features a beautiful glass sink bowl.
This sharp and classy spa will add a touch of modernity and grace to your salon.
The Corlita is acetone-resistant and includes a protective gel-coating that guards the spa and sink from rust and corrosion.
This modern pedicure spa features removable side panels, an adjustable footrest, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel shower hose, built-in LED color therapy light, FREE matching pedicure stool.
In addition, optional drain pumps are available and can be installed onto your spa.
The Corlita also includes a premium massage chair of your choice.

Scallop Glass Bowls

Scallop Glass Bowl
The ANS Corlita includes a sophisticated Scallop/Lotus glass bowl.
Our beautiful glass bowls are ¾ inch thick and provide eye-catching displays of color when used with the built-in LED color therapy lights that are included with each spa.
Color Choices
Scallop Glass Bowls are available in four beautiful color options.
Choose from Gold, Nickel, Ruby or Crystal

ANS Liner Jet

The Next-Generation of Pedicure Spa Jets
Each ANS spa is equipped with the exclusive ANS Liner Jet. Our pedicure spas utilize state-of-the-art Liner Jet Technology and are compatible with ANS Disposable Liners.
The innovative ANS Liner Jet is damage-resistant, magnetic, pipe-less and easier-to-use than other jets. The ANS Liner Jet sets new standards for safety and sanitation because of its advanced architecture, pipe-less jet flow, and ease of cleaning.
Make sure your customers receive the safest and most hygienic pedicures with the ANS Liner Jet. Simply snap apart and soak in sanitizing liquid. No scrubbing or cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

Improve the efficiency of your salon with the iFill2

The iFill2 is an optional pedicure spa control system that can be installed onto your pedicure spa.
This great system allows pedicure technicians to manage all functions of the spa in one convenient control mechanism.
The iFill2 controls the jet, the drain, LED light, the shower hose, and the automatic water fill sensor.
The iFill2 detects water levels of the pedicure spa and automatically shuts off the water faucet, saving time and money; great for busy salons.
ANS Argento Pedicure Spa

Premium ANS Massage Chairs

Each pedicure spa includes your choice of one of our high-quality massage chairs. Our superior quality chairs are made with soft, stain-resistant, marine-grade PU-leather and feature human-like, shiatsu massage.
These exceptional chairs are acetone-resistant and use an advanced massage mechanism that feel like real hands (kneading, rolling, and percussion), whereas other chair brands only offer dull vibrating massage.
Our first-class massage chairs feature a remote control, auto/manual massage programs, power seat controls, reclining backrest, pivoting armrests, built-in cup holders, side armrest trays and pockets for storage.
Select from popular models and genuine brands like Human Touch and ANS Massage Chairs.

Sauna Keg, Lid and Roller (Oak )

The Sauna Steam Keg is a complete wooden barrel set that can be used for steam treatments during a pedicure service.
Steam treatments help eliminate toxins and impurities from your system; refreshing and renewing your mind and body.
Steam also revitalizes skin and softens cuticles; great for pedicure preparation.
The Sauna Steam Keg is designed to function like traditional Chinese medicine and SPA Temazcal, this family of products is intended to improve health using sweat detoxification; Steam therapy activates the breathing system of the skin; improve circulation by clearing your blood vessels, balancing yin and yang, improving liver function. The medicine and essential oil you use with the steam machine can also help you prevent sickness.
Steam therapy can accelerate decomposition and metabolism of fat cells to help with weight loss. It also can reduce stress, promote sleep, relieve fatigue and improve the clinical symptoms of rheumatic arthritis.
Steam therapy also has an effect on cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.
The Sauna Steam Keg barrel is made of high-quality natural wood; plastic foot roller
Includes one-year limited manufacturer warranty and instruction manual.

Fullmate Mobile Nail Printer X11

A nail art equipment that prints any pattern, any color and any design on the natural nail and artificial nail. Print with colored ink - Make your nails colorful.
A powerful app for fashionable nail art
The app is available on both IOS and Android

Printer Dimensions:
175mm (6.8in)w x 168mm (6.6in)h x 175mm (6.8in)d; weight :8lbs.

- Nail printer with complete easy to follow instructions from setup to operation.
- 100 to 240V 50/60 Hz power supply.
- lnk cartridge capable of printing an estimated 800 nails.
- nail mask 0.25oz & printer primer 0.25oz.
- Artificial tip holder & phone holder.
- 1 package of gel remover pads.
- Outstanding online instructional-videos.

Joya Mia Nail Polish

Magnetic 3D Halo
High-gloss wear for 2-3 WEEKS
Halo effect and color-changing from different viewing angles
Gel polish color - Cure under LED or UV lamp - 15ml bottle
Free magnet with each bottle easy to apply !
How to use:
Step 1. Push the cuticles back and buff the nail to avoid smooth surface. (Must file the edge of each nail). Clean the dust with brush or dry cotton ball only.
Step 2. Apply a thin layer of the base coat.
Step 3. Dry for 30-45 seconds under led lamp or two minutes under the UV lamp.
Step 4. Apply a thin layer of ''Cat Eye'' gel polish color and dry for 30-45 seconds under led lamp or two minutes under the UV light.
Step 5. Apply a 2nd layer of cut eye gel polish. Attention, don't cure it under the Lamp now.
Step 6. Put the magnetic stick over the nails until the cat eye line shows up, then cure by UV or LED lamp.
Step 7. Apply a thin layer of the top coat and dry for 30-45 seconds under led lamp or two minutes under the UV light.
Step 8. Take your hands out of the lamp and wait 10 seconds.
Step 9. Use cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to remove the sticky layer from the nail.
Step 10. Apply the cuticle oil and let it dry.
Step 11. Done!

ANS-16 Massage Chair

The ANS -16 Massage Chair is a modern and innovative massage chair that includes many special features and functions.
Each ANS -16 comes equipped with an advanced massage mechanism that includes auto and manual programs for kneading, percussion and rolling massage.
For extra comfort, the ANS -16 reclines from 90 to 130 degree angles, and moves back/forth up to 7 inches..
For convenience, this great massage chair includes an embedded control, purse hangers, cup holders and a back pocket.
The ANS -16 also adds a touch modern functionality with 2GB of MP3 storage.
Upload your favorite songs and let your customers enjoy your best playlists.
Even more, the ANS 16 resists chemicals and acetone to give the chair a longer lifespan.
Don't be the last salon to switch to the ANS 16. Upgrade your salon today.