Sauna Keg, Lid and Roller (Oak )

The Sauna Steam Keg is a complete wooden barrel set that can be used for steam treatments during a pedicure service.
Steam treatments help eliminate toxins and impurities from your system; refreshing and renewing your mind and body.
Steam also revitalizes skin and softens cuticles; great for pedicure preparation.
The Sauna Steam Keg is designed to function like traditional Chinese medicine and SPA Temazcal, this family of products is intended to improve health using sweat detoxification; Steam therapy activates the breathing system of the skin; improve circulation by clearing your blood vessels, balancing yin and yang, improving liver function. The medicine and essential oil you use with the steam machine can also help you prevent sickness.
Steam therapy can accelerate decomposition and metabolism of fat cells to help with weight loss. It also can reduce stress, promote sleep, relieve fatigue and improve the clinical symptoms of rheumatic arthritis.
Steam therapy also has an effect on cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.
The Sauna Steam Keg barrel is made of high-quality natural wood; plastic foot roller
Includes one-year limited manufacturer warranty and instruction manual.