Manicure Table Lamp

Manicure Table Lamp

Manicure Table Lamp - White

Our quality lamps provide the light needed to perform great manicure services.
This convenient lamp includes a clamp and a metal rod pivot point that attaches to most manicure tables.
Each lamp is adjustable, allowing nail technicians to modify and change the height and angle of the lamp.
These great lamps are available in four different colors to match the style of your salon.
Includes an easy on/off switch, just plug in!
Manicure Table Lamp

Euro LED Manicure Table Lamp w/Filtration

With the innovative Euro Filtration Lamp, harmful odors and finely-grained nail dust is removed from the air to increase health and sanitation.
Excellent craftsmanship and sleek modern design in a metallic silver finish plus state-of-the-art technology come together in an attractive unit that is easy to assemble, install , and operate.
The 12 volt energy efficient LED lamp also uses less electricity than conventional lamps making it a great choice over ordinary manicure lamps.
Silent yet powerful, efficient and economical, the Euro Filtration lamp makes your work place brighter, cleaner, and greener!

Powerful Motor & Fan:
The cyclone system vacuums pollutants by removing harmful odors and finely-grained nail dust from the air using a suction motor. 
The top of the fan can also be used to air-dry hands as well. The fan is easily replaceable with future replacement service.
LED Technology:
The energy-efficient Euro Lamp unit uses 6 daylight-balanced, bright LED lights.
3-Way Switch:
Settings include: Light-only. light-off, fan and light together.
Removable filtration system, two(2) filters included. Filter can be cleaned with water and reused. Easy one-step, wash and reuse!
Space Efficient
The Euro Lamp takes up very little space and is ready to be attached to manicure tables. (Base stand available, sold separately)
*Note: The Euro lamp filters odors and dust from nearby air during nail filing. It does not filter dust from tables.